ProCare Healing Centers provides all of its patients, caregivers, and families with invaluable resources and lifestyle advice to assist them with healing their acute and chronic wounds. ProCare has developed patient guides and handouts to help patients understand the ins and outs of wound care. We will work with you, your primary care physician, home care providers and others involved in your care to develop the most appropriate plan for you to heal your wounds.Nurse and Patient- Patient Guides

Please click the link below to download a complementary patient handout covering some of the more common conditions treated at our wound care centers.

Arteriosclerosis Patient Guide
Charcot Deformity Patient Guide
Diabetic Ulcers Patient Guide
Off-Loading Patient Guide
Pressure Ulcers Patient Guide
Skin Care Patient Guide
Venous Insufficiency Patient Guide


If you are a patient in need of wound care services contact ProCare Healing Centers, (405) 608-0350.