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How does ProCare manage the task of reimbursement?


ProCare’s reimbursement specialists work with our hospital partners to ensure optimal financial success. Onsite reimbursement in-services are provided to the facility as well as assistance in creating protocols for registration, pre-authorization, and self-pay procedures. ProCare’s certified professional coder assists in developing new programs with the billing and reimbursement needs of the wound care center in mind.

ProCare will assist the new center in establishing charges for procedures and services provided and incorporate those charges into the facility’s charge master. With the ongoing review and data analysis, each program will verify that the appropriate charges and reimbursement levels are obtained.
ProCare stores and tracks all patient information in a secure, HIPAA compliant database. The database allows us to not only compare our healing rates with other centers nationwide, but also to analyze a wide array of data from specific clinician healing rates, etiology of various wounds, referral sources and many more. The state-of-the-art electronic charting provides the most specific, patient focused data that is compliant with JCAHO and CMS requirements. The ability to keep primary and referring physicians up to date on their patient’s progress is unmatched with special attention to the one-to-one contact that the wound care center maintains with the physician.

This state-of-the-art documentation system provides our centers and physicians with the most up to date information. It assists our hospital partners with the tedious process of auditing and coding to speed the billing process in the most efficient manner while keeping all quality standards required by HIPAA, JCAHO and CMS.

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